Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park

The oldest National Park of the us, Jim Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936. Originally referred to as Hailey National Park, it absolutely was renamed as Jim Corbett in 1956, in honour with the hunter from the man eating tigers inside the Kumaon hill, Jim Corbett. Corbett converted into a global famous wildlife conservationist and author of some of the world renowned books from the later year of his life.

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The Park

The Jim Corbett National park is situated in the Nainital district from the Uttarakhand State, India. Covering a place of 1318 sq km of area, the park is spread on the varied landscape including mountains, grassland, rivers, swamps, marshes and forests. The fauna accordingly will be as varied because the flora.

The Park is split into two areas, the buffer or the outer area and the core area, which is the innermost area that’s untouched with the inhabitants. The buffer area is the place tourists visit spot animals, as the core area is dense and with no human interruption.

The location offered to tourists contains dense forests and the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.


The park is covered with Sal forests, that have covered it densely. Also, you can find around 488 plant species that were recorded at Corbett.


The Fauna varies greatly on the Park which is residing in plenty. The mammals available at the park include- Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Deer (Barking, Cheetal, Black Buck and Sambar), Black Bears, Sloth, Yellow throated Martens, Langurs and Indian Grey Mongoose etc.

There are about 585 species of migratory and also resident birds, some of the most famous ones including- red jungle fowl, crested serpent eagle, blossom headed parakeet etc.

Jim Corbett National park is also the place to find 37 species of dragonflies, 7 types of amphibians, 7 types of fishes and 33 species of reptiles.

Project Tiger:

Government entities of India’s ambitious Tiger Project was launched inside the Corbett National Park, the main reason being that the park has the endangered species of the Bengal Tiger.

Activities to do:

A visit to Corbett national Park reveals a wide variety of possibility to explore and take the of the finest period in the dense forests, locating a number of the rare species of animals and exotic kinds of birds along with insects. There are numerous activities to do here, including:

� Elephant Safari: The most popular things to do in Corbett, the elephant safari is entertaining and also exhilarating ride atop an elephant.

� Jeep Safari: More apt in case you desire to explore the forests somewhat deeper and therefore are ready for a few adventure. Jeep Safaris by means of the course made in the forests, and if luck is in your corner, it is possible to spot a tiger perhaps.

� Corbett Museum: The museum, that’s specialized in the founder and the eminent figure from the Kumaon hills, Jim Corbett, houses many of the man’s weapons, old maps, books and other articles. The museum, in a good condition, can be an enriching expertise in itself.

delhi to jim corbett

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